Week Gone Bad (Paying homage to a Crossfit WOD named “Fight Gone Bad)

I wish I knew where the week went wrong. Actually, I know. I am training my replacement and this person does not want my job but the decision has been made. Typically, I enjoy training/teaching people. I have never had to train a person that does not want to learn. This fact makes it very difficult.


Several systems in my “old” office have required updates due this week. Typically, I arrive at work early so I can upload the changes so the new information is available to the controllers as early as possible (This is not required on my part I simply do it). My replacement does not share the same urgency as I do which is very frustrating. I enjoy goofing off as much as the next person. However, when something needs to “get” done I do the work and then I goof off again if possible.


My replacement has a tendency to be grumpy, frustrated and at times angry at his situation. FYI – he has ample reason to feel this way. I never realized how difficult it is to be around a person that is in a bad mood a lot of the time.


I know I have a tendency to be “this type of person.” The last two weeks have lead me to turn inward and reflect on how my attitude and behavior affects other people. I did not want to change jobs and move to a new office. This fact and training a grumpy person has turned me into the same the last couple of weeks.


I was told prior to the job change that I will be expected to continue to serve as a lifeline for my replacement and do his job when he can’t meet the demands. This leads me to believe that not only will I have to learn a new job and inherit those responsibilities but I will continue to be responsible for my old job (Note: In my old job when something needed to be changed the need was immediate because it is a safety issue.)


Finally, I started Crossfitting at Crossfit AMRAP on 15 January 2011. The month of March and April have been exasperating. I became infected with bronchitis which forced me to miss a 10 days of WODs (workout of the day). Finally, I make it back to the Box (what Crossfitters call the gym) and POOF!!! This week happens. Ironically, Last Saturday, I decided to make it a goal of going to the Box every day this week. It is Thursday and I haven’t been once. It seems like I have joined the Box something comes up each week that prevents me from making it to the Box so I can complete the WOD


These facts I have led to the week going wrong or bad. I hope I can go back to the Box Friday morning to exercise the wrong out of me. Due to my work schedule this week I have not gone to the Box Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. I did not go to the Box this morning (Thursday) because if I went the Box then I would have had only 3 – 4 hours of sleep and for personal health reasons that is not acceptable.


So, I am upset for all the above reasons. Plus, I am struggling with the negative voice inside my head. I worry about what Matt and Brittany (Crossfit AMRAP owners) and that I have let them down or disappointed them. I know, these facts are silly but they are still the facts. I wish I could defeat the negative self-talk once and for all. I do defeat it but he always comes back. I wish I could stomp his head hard enough that he would stay dead.


The good news. Based on what my wife says I am not bringing my work home or allowing it to affect my mood with my family. In a strange twist, observing a grumpy, mad, frustrated person has lead me to strive to not be “that” person.


Still another reason to get back to the Box. Crossfitters are typically in a good mood. Yes, we complain about the WOD but it is in fun. I want to become the type of person I read about at www.sicfit.com, www.crossfit.com. I see at the Box and at my church.


I understand these people have doubts, negative thoughts, and bad weeks/months. I want to handle these situation with the grace and love that I observe from afar.


I think that I am making progress for a couple of reasons.


1. based on what my wife has shared with me and not shared with me. I have made it a practice to ask if I have done anything when I notice she is “off.”

2. I have not allowed my frustrations, fears and self-flagellation to continue unabated. Nor have I expressed these emotions and actions by demeaning others around me.


So, I guess a week of missed WODs can be a positive and lead to self-improvement. However, I really need to get my backside kicked at the Box tomorrow morning.


2011 Goals

Like many people I’m pondering & deciding on my 2011 goals. I’ve recently discovered the joys &  tribulations of marathon training & running. I ran in the Crystal Lake 1/2 Marathon, the NW 10 mile trail race, the Schaumburg 1/2 Marathon & the Chicago Marathon. All 4 races were exciting and different. The Chicago Marathon was wonderfully difficult. I twisted my knee at 10 miles when a spectator ran in front of me. I threw-up & had the dry heaves between miles 15 – 20. My time was a very disappointing 5:51:56. However, it was my 1st marathon & I wouldn’t change anything.

After the 2010 Chicago Marathon. I am exhausted

My goals for 2011 are:

  • Memorize the book of Philippians
  • Learn & train using Crossfit & Crossfit Endurance (CFE) principles.
  • (Note: I’m running the Rockford Marathon in May 2011 & I’m training for this marathon exclusively using CFE methods.)
  • Run the 2011 Chicago Marathon in less than 4 hours.
  • Memorize the book of Ephesians
  • Weigh 200 lbs by 6/1/2011
  • Weigh 180 lbs by 10/9/2011 (The
    date of the Chicago Marathon.

Read the following books:

  • The Father Connection by Josh McDowell
  • The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt by Edmund Morris
  • City of Man by Michael Gerson
  • American Rust by Philipp Meyer
  • The God Who is There by D.A. Carson
  • Politics – According to the Bible by Wayne Grudem
  • Evolution of the Human Soul and the future of life scientifically demonstrated by N.C. Anderson
  • Love lies bleeding by Don Delillo
  • Saving Leonardo by Nancy Pearcy
  • The Road to Serfdom by F.A. Hayek
  • Moral Courage by Rushworth M. Kidder
  • The Language of God by Francis Collins
  • ChiRunning by Danny & Katherine Dreyer
  • Leadership and Crisis by Bobby Jindal
  • Shift by Peter Arnell
  • Life with God by Richard Foster
  • The Immortal life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot
  • Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield
  • Ethics for a Brave New World, 2nd Edition by John & Paul Feinberg
  • Titan by Ron Chernow
  • Act and Being by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

That is several books. I am a voracious reader. I consume knowledge and love to learn