It has been a good 2 weeks at the Box

I have been very diligent going to the Box. I completed 5 WODs last week and I have had a positive start to this week. I set a few PRs. My form is improving each time in the Box. I am stronger each day. In fact my Presses, etc improved even with the injured shoulder.

On Saturday, I completed my 2nd named WOD, Karen. This will be a favorite WOD for a long time. This WOD is simply 150 wall-balls (simply, ha-ha). The prescribed weight was a 20lb medicine ball for men. My coach suggested I use a 14lb medicine ball because I was at the Box the night before and we did Hang Power Cleans. He was concerned for my shoulder. Next time I want to Rx’d this WOD. Legs are my favorite body to exercise. 

One interesting point, at least for me. As I become stronger & more comfortable with the lifts and movements I must be working harder (expected) but after the WODs I have to lay down on the floor and recuperate for a few minutes. This was not the case when I first started at Crossfit AMRAP. 

My oldest son likes looking at my hands to see if there are more blisters/ ripped callouses that are bleeding.I have attached a picture of my right palm after today’s WOD. My hand looked worse a few days ago. 


On the Paleo eating I did blackslide some when I hurt my shoulder and was unable to workout for 5 days. I didn’t completely jump ship but I would have a non-Paleo item each day, e.g., Hershey Bar, a sandwish, etc. Once I was back in the Box I was more disciplined with my eating. 

Have a great day.




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