The end of the day. It has a tough start but a fantastic ending

This morning I fell back asleep after the alarm sounded. I woke with a start. This put me in a bad mood for two reasons; o missed my workout and waking up suddenly typically irritates me. I was grumpy all day & tried very hard not to show it. Fortunately this is a 5:00 pm workout at Crossfit AMRAP. I needed this workout. Brittany, the coach, asked how I was doing? I told her I was grumpy & irritated & that I was counting on her to put me in a good mood. Brittany did great. The workout started with Strength training. We did 3×5, Power Cleans. The WOD was 3 rounds of 500m row, 21 ring dips, & 12 Power Cleans. My first 500m row was under 2:00 minutes. I used the blue band with my dips, and I did 30kg power cleans. My last 2 500m rows were under 2:15. I should have changed to a smaller band with the ring dips & I think I could do 40kg power cleans. The picture is from Beyond the Whiteboard and shows the WOD. It was a fantastic workout. I met some new people. I’m stronger each workout. So far I’ve lost 17lbs since 1/17. Tonite, E & I went to the sparky sleep-over at our church. We play games. E & I won the paper airplane toss. E had an ice cream sundae. I didn’t have any sweets. I stuck to my Paleo lifestyle. Saturday (tomorrow) is my cheat day. The last 4 hrs have made today a great day. Spending time with E without mom or his brother was a special treat. Nite all TB


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