Ive been a bad boy

I have not workout since Tuesday morning. The alarm is not working. I sleep right through it. Looks like I need to move my alarm clock. This has been a tough week all around. 

I feel guilty about not going to the box. The slug feeling has overwhelmed me which means I do not want to do anything other than watch Biggest Loser while eating a pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Fortunately, I was able to defeat the cravings I have had Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for sweets, e.g., ice cream and a Hershey’s bar. It is a good thing that we watch TV in the basement and the food is on the first floor. These cravings have been the strongest to date and by far the most difficult to not succumb. My self-talk was providing a list of reasons why I deserved and needed the sweets. I tried many different coping mechanisms. Finally, I just relaxed and talked to God which worked one night. The other night my wife provided the motivation to not cheat. Last night, I fell asleep in the middle of the craving. 

I have stayed true to eating Paleo. My weight loss has slowed down I think that is due to not working out. We will find out Saturday morning.

Tonight, E and I have the Sparky sleepover at church. It is a blast. I hope I stay strong mentally when it comes to eating because there are plenty of sweets and other items that are not Paleo. I am thinking I need to pack some Paleo-friendly food items for me to munch on. I hope the endrophins form my workout will give me the boost I need to stay strong. I am going to the box tonight (Friday) and hopefully it will whup me back into mental shape.

M and I are struggling with the question of should we move to Ft. Worth, Texas within the next year or so. We have laid down some deep roots in IL. We attend a wonderful church. Mollie has some wonderful friends that she meets with very often. I was meeting with my mentor until recently. I need to change that. We allowed life to get in the way. I found a Crossfit Box that I just joined. I am in Graduate School at TGS. Mollie’s brothers live in the area. Mollie’s parents live 10 minutes away. My parents died several years ago.

However, the reason we are considering the move is the drunk driver that killed my previous family threatened Mollie and I a few years. Plus, during a search of his prison cell the guards found our home address and telephone number. The drunk driver will be released from prison no later than 25 June 2011. 

I know it appears to be an easy questions to answer but it is not. The house Mollie and I live in was intended to be our forever house. Our friends and family live here in IL. 

I believe this is one of the reasons that I feel like a slug. 

Come on Crossfit AMRAP, I need you to kick the slug out of me tonight.

Have a wonderful day.




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