A slow week yet busy when I do not expect it

It has been a slow week but busy in spurts. Unfortunately, it has been busy at my meal times so I have been missing meals. I have not cheated and instead wait until I can have a Paleo snack. My will power is still strong. It is not a big deal to me. I acknowledge my hunger and mentally and emotionally accept that I will not be able to eat until a later time.

This morning I was starving so order an omelet with onions, green peppers, tomatoes, spinach and sausage from our cafeteria. No hash browns or bread. In fact, bread no longer has the pull on me that it had during the first couple days of the Paleo challenge.

Getting to Crossfit AMRAP to workout has been a challenge. I would not workout Monday morning because the schedule change to a later start time was not approved by management. This was my fault. I was not aware of the new procedures required in the Union contract. I was able to workout Tuesday Morning. The Tuesday morning workout included learning a new skill, “pistols” or one-legged squats. I had some success doing these with my right leg. I did have to scale this movement and use the rings to assist me. I was unable to complete this movement with my left leg. My left knee would buckle and I assume this is due to the torn medial meniscus I suffered a few years ago. 

The WOD on Tuesday was a tabata workout which means each completes AMRAP in 20 seconds for each exercise. Then we rest for 10 seconds and due to the next exercise. Today’s WOD included

  • Wall Balls w/14 lb ball
  • Kettlebell swings, 35lb
  • 13″ barrier jumps

I completed a total of 265 reps.

Wednesday not an option. Mollie had a Pampered Chef party at our house Tuesday evening. It ended around 10pm. The last person left at 11:30pm. I could not prepare my meals for today until after everyone else was finished in the kitchen. I went to sleep around 1:00am. I was not going to wake-up at 4:50am to go to the box for my workout. I am planning on working out tonight at the box. Hopefully my oldest son is feeling better tonight or dad duties trump my workout.

The weight loss this week has slowed down but not concerned about. That is to be expected after last week.

Have a great day.



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