My soon to be training partner for the 2011 Chicago Marathon

Download now or watch on posterous (57755 KB)

This is a video of my 5 month old Hungarian Vizsla, Gustav. He is the most active dog I’ve ever owned & that includes a Border Collie.

Gustav loves his Wooba. He has destroyed 3 so far.

I’m looking forward to running with him starting in May. May can’t arrive quick enough. Gustav hasn’t started obedience training and he is very irritating due to his energy levels. In fact, he may be the most irritating living being alive.

I didn’t do Crossfit this morning because I forgot to request a later shift from my supervisor. I have the approval so I start tomorrow.

I will do some Cardio, push-ups & squats tonight.

My eating as gone as planned except I didn’t eat lunch because I was very busy at work. At 2:15, I realized I had not ate my lunch. I decided to wait until dinner to eat.

Breakfast was a cup of blueberries & 2 hard-boiled eggs.

Have a great day.



2 Responses to My soon to be training partner for the 2011 Chicago Marathon

  1. Anna says:

    Ah yes, the energy of a vizsla.. Mine is now 3 so things have finally become more manageable. If given her adequate outlets though she is a couch potato. Be careful running for extended periods of time with such a young dog. Repetitive movements like that, on pavement/hard surface especially, can cause joint problems. I did not start rollerblading with my dog until she was 2. If you have any other questions mention your plan to your vet and see what they say. Free running is a different story. When they are able to dictate the pace for themselves, like while hiking, they usually can go much longer, but that too usually is done on more soft natural surfaces.

    Good luck with your training

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