My first named WOD & what is Crossfit.

Last night (Fri.) was my last foundation class. Matt took us through a warm-up. He informed us we were doing the WOD with the normal class.
The WOD’s name is “Fight Gone Bad”. It was created for a MMA Fighter. This WOD, like a MMA fight has 3 five minute rounds.
The rounds consist of:
1 minute of Wall Balls – you do a deep squat holding a medicine ball, stand up, extend arms up over head & throw medicine ball 10′ feet above you against the wall.
1 minute of Sumo Deadlift High Pulls – with a barbell, start in deadlift position, hands in close position, do a dead lift, open hips, bring bar to chin, return to beginning deadlift position by tapping weights on floor.
1 minute of 20″ inch Box Jumps – simply jump on a 20″ high box as many times as possible.
1 minute of Push-Presses – similar to Military Press. Barbell in shoulders, Flex knees allowing hips to squat down approximately 4″, explode up while lifting bar over head until elbows locked and shoulders in shrug position.
1 minute of Rowing on C2 Concept Rower
Do each exercise for 1 minute. Then 1 minute rest. Complete 2nd round. 1 minute rest. Complete 3rd round. You are done.

You will think I’m crazy but yes this is fun. There is joy to be found in the pain when you push your body to the extreme edge which is past your self-imposed limitations. Strength is found in the people that right now I barely know or don’t know but they encourage me by telling me I’m strong, that not only can I do it but I am doing it.
Philosophers are correct. Words have power. Words, in some ways are power.

There is a comradery in Crossfit that I miss. I experienced it in the Marines & when my job as an Air Traffic Controller included controlling airplanes. Today, I’m still an air traffic controller but I work at a desk. I’ve looked for this sense of comradery with men at my church and it has not been fruitful.

This is due as much with my shortcomings and less with my church or the other men. There have been many scheduling difficulties with the 1 man I’m close enough to develop this comradery. I am struggling with this fact & worship has become a chore and not a joy. I shared my struggles with Mollie (wife) last night.

I find it interesting that I experience this comradery so quickly with Crossfit but I struggle with men at my church that I’ve known for several years & that I know love me & I love them.

Is this because at Crossfit I’m busy doing the WOD so I’m distracted? Talking face to face is difficult for me. I’m much better at shoulder to shoulder relationships.

Hopefully the joy I experience through Crossfit hopefully will help me experience this joy in my face to face relationships. Crossfit helps me feel a sense of accomplishment.

When I flounder or think I’m floundering (no sense of accomplishment) my relationships suffer; with my wife, my children, my friends & with God. Negative self-talk is depilating and wounds me deeply. It is very difficult to overcome. (That is a long story and I may address it in a future post)

Now I just need to do something about this DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness).

I’ve lost 7.2 lbs this week since eating Paleo.

Have a great day.


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