1/21 – Breakfast and Lunch

I forgot to  pack a breakfast this morning so I had a cup of coffee and 2 hard-boiled eggs. I was tempted to eat non-Paleo (I have oatmeal, and cream of wheat in my desk) but I didn’t. I feel ike I gave my word to eat Paleo and I did not want to experience headaches again due to withdrawal from grain.

I ate meatloaf and some radishes for lunch.I am surprisely not hungry. My portions were small. I ate approximately 11 radishes and 2 half inch thick slices of meatloaf.

The DOMS has eased since  yesterday. My left shoulder pain has subsided to an occasional twinge. This is the first day I have not experienced should pain/soreness since I started Crossfit. I am sure that will change tonight because I have my last foundation class tonight. Next week, I start regular Crossfit classes at 5:30am Monday – Friday.

I am feeling much lighter. I do not know what they scale says. I will weigh myself tomorrow (1/22, Sat.). 1/22 is the first day of the 100 push-ups training program. I am looking forward to adding that because my shoulders are my weakest body part and push-ups are very difficult for me. I know that push-ups are a chest exercise but the pressure from the push-up position cause alot of pain and leads to fatigue in my left shoulder due to when I broke my left clavicle in 1999.

Go Bears.



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