Paleo Lifestyle & Crossfit

On 15 Jan 2011, the gym (Box in Crossfit lingo) started a 60 day Paleo Challenge. Matt & Brittany, the coaches, took pictures of each participant, weighed us, & we completed 2 WODS (workouts of the day).

One of WODS was Crossfit Total (Many of the workouts are named). This purpose of this work is to determine your 1RM (1 rep max) for the back squat, deadlift, & shoulder press & it is an indicator of your overall strength.

My 1RM was 100kg for the back squat, 135kg for the deadlift & 40kg for the press. My Crossfit Total is 275kg or 617lbs.

I’m much weaker than I was in Aug. 2010 because I stopped lifting due to training for the Chicago Marathon. I’m expecting significant strength gains in the back squat & deadlift. My press is affected by a broken left clavicle injury which the doctors could not set from 12 years ago.

Since the weigh-in, I’ve lost 11.5 lbs. This number is slightly skewered because the weigh-in for the Paleo challenge was after I ate breakfast, drank 2 cups of coffee, & was on the scale at my Crossfit gym (Crossfit AMRAP). However, I can tell that I have lost some weight.

Since starting a Paleo lifestyle I’ve experienced serious cravings on 1/17 & 1/18 (Monday & Tuesday). Those cravings have subsided. I’m still experiencing headaches sporadically throughout the day. The length, number, & intensity is less severe.

I’m very happy with the results.

I’ve included pictured of my breakfast; fresh fruit (1/4 cup blueberries & 1/4 cup blackberries) & 2 hard boiled eggs.


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