My Story. I’m not proud but it is who I am

I am a 46 year old recovering fat man (thanks Steve Puleo for this phrase). A few years ago I weighed over 310 lbs. My weight was as low as 215 lbs but I felt horrible, e.g., weak, and tired all the time. My exercise was completely cardio based. I spent hours on the stairmaster and elliptical. My weight is back in the 240 lb range and I feel much better. I am stronger, have more endurance, etc. I am not satisfied with my physical appearance. I do need to lose weight and become more muscular.

You may be curious how I could allow myself to reach 310lbs +. In August 1999, my previous family and I were driving home from a day a Six Flags Great America Amusement park in Gurnee, IL.

At approximately 11:00pm, a drunk driver on the wrong side of the road hit my 1964 VW Microbus head-on.

A view of the passenger side of my VW Microbus

The drunk driver literally drove through my Microbus without hitting the brakes


Picture from the Northwest Herald newspaper

My wife, Eva and our three children, Daniel (13), Tiffany (11), and Dallis (7) were killed. My neck was broke in 4 places; twice at the C1 vertebrae and twice at the C7 vertebrae. I was in a halo brace for three months and eight days.

From L to R. Tiffany, Daniel, Thomas (in back), Eva and Dallis

I was in the brace for 3 months and 8 days. I only slept through the night once while I was in the halo brace. When the temperature dropped below 40 degrees I could feel the ends of each bolt touching my skull. While I was in the halo I was not allowed to lift more than 10lbs.

I had my head shaved because it was impossible to shampoo my hair while I was in the halo brace


I have remarried. My wife’s name is Mollie and we have two sons, E & G (Note: I will not use their real names because the drunk driver that killed my family has threatened Mollie and I so their names will not be used). In August 2005, Mollie and I were pregnant with a little girl, Abigaele Eden. Unfortunately, Abbey had Trisomy 18. Trisomy 18, also known as Edwards syndrome, is a condition which is caused by a person having three of the 18th chromosome. Most babies with Trisomy 18 do not survive and either self-abort, the parents make the decision to abort the pregnancy or the child is still-born. The babies that are live-births typically do not come home and die a few hours or days after their birth. This was the case with Abbey. She lived 38 hours and died in my arms.

Thomas looking at Abbey

Mollie and I loving Abbey and cherishing each moment


I was experienced with the grieving process but I was not prepared to support a grieving wife and my son with his innocent questions, e.g., where is Abbey? Why did Abbey die? I found my escape in food. This is why I ballooned to over 310lbs.

Thomas over 300+ pounds

Me Today:

Me today

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