Week Gone Bad (Paying homage to a Crossfit WOD named “Fight Gone Bad)

I wish I knew where the week went wrong. Actually, I know. I am training my replacement and this person does not want my job but the decision has been made. Typically, I enjoy training/teaching people. I have never had to train a person that does not want to learn. This fact makes it very difficult.


Several systems in my “old” office have required updates due this week. Typically, I arrive at work early so I can upload the changes so the new information is available to the controllers as early as possible (This is not required on my part I simply do it). My replacement does not share the same urgency as I do which is very frustrating. I enjoy goofing off as much as the next person. However, when something needs to “get” done I do the work and then I goof off again if possible.


My replacement has a tendency to be grumpy, frustrated and at times angry at his situation. FYI – he has ample reason to feel this way. I never realized how difficult it is to be around a person that is in a bad mood a lot of the time.


I know I have a tendency to be “this type of person.” The last two weeks have lead me to turn inward and reflect on how my attitude and behavior affects other people. I did not want to change jobs and move to a new office. This fact and training a grumpy person has turned me into the same the last couple of weeks.


I was told prior to the job change that I will be expected to continue to serve as a lifeline for my replacement and do his job when he can’t meet the demands. This leads me to believe that not only will I have to learn a new job and inherit those responsibilities but I will continue to be responsible for my old job (Note: In my old job when something needed to be changed the need was immediate because it is a safety issue.)


Finally, I started Crossfitting at Crossfit AMRAP on 15 January 2011. The month of March and April have been exasperating. I became infected with bronchitis which forced me to miss a 10 days of WODs (workout of the day). Finally, I make it back to the Box (what Crossfitters call the gym) and POOF!!! This week happens. Ironically, Last Saturday, I decided to make it a goal of going to the Box every day this week. It is Thursday and I haven’t been once. It seems like I have joined the Box something comes up each week that prevents me from making it to the Box so I can complete the WOD


These facts I have led to the week going wrong or bad. I hope I can go back to the Box Friday morning to exercise the wrong out of me. Due to my work schedule this week I have not gone to the Box Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. I did not go to the Box this morning (Thursday) because if I went the Box then I would have had only 3 – 4 hours of sleep and for personal health reasons that is not acceptable.


So, I am upset for all the above reasons. Plus, I am struggling with the negative voice inside my head. I worry about what Matt and Brittany (Crossfit AMRAP owners) and that I have let them down or disappointed them. I know, these facts are silly but they are still the facts. I wish I could defeat the negative self-talk once and for all. I do defeat it but he always comes back. I wish I could stomp his head hard enough that he would stay dead.


The good news. Based on what my wife says I am not bringing my work home or allowing it to affect my mood with my family. In a strange twist, observing a grumpy, mad, frustrated person has lead me to strive to not be “that” person.


Still another reason to get back to the Box. Crossfitters are typically in a good mood. Yes, we complain about the WOD but it is in fun. I want to become the type of person I read about at www.sicfit.com, www.crossfit.com. I see at the Box and at my church.


I understand these people have doubts, negative thoughts, and bad weeks/months. I want to handle these situation with the grace and love that I observe from afar.


I think that I am making progress for a couple of reasons.


1. based on what my wife has shared with me and not shared with me. I have made it a practice to ask if I have done anything when I notice she is “off.”

2. I have not allowed my frustrations, fears and self-flagellation to continue unabated. Nor have I expressed these emotions and actions by demeaning others around me.


So, I guess a week of missed WODs can be a positive and lead to self-improvement. However, I really need to get my backside kicked at the Box tomorrow morning.


Playing #bags with the boys

Pic #2 on our walk. He needed a break

This is Dante. Our 140lb Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff)

It has been a good 2 weeks at the Box

I have been very diligent going to the Box. I completed 5 WODs last week and I have had a positive start to this week. I set a few PRs. My form is improving each time in the Box. I am stronger each day. In fact my Presses, etc improved even with the injured shoulder.

On Saturday, I completed my 2nd named WOD, Karen. This will be a favorite WOD for a long time. This WOD is simply 150 wall-balls (simply, ha-ha). The prescribed weight was a 20lb medicine ball for men. My coach suggested I use a 14lb medicine ball because I was at the Box the night before and we did Hang Power Cleans. He was concerned for my shoulder. Next time I want to Rx’d this WOD. Legs are my favorite body to exercise. 

One interesting point, at least for me. As I become stronger & more comfortable with the lifts and movements I must be working harder (expected) but after the WODs I have to lay down on the floor and recuperate for a few minutes. This was not the case when I first started at Crossfit AMRAP. 

My oldest son likes looking at my hands to see if there are more blisters/ ripped callouses that are bleeding.I have attached a picture of my right palm after today’s WOD. My hand looked worse a few days ago. 


On the Paleo eating I did blackslide some when I hurt my shoulder and was unable to workout for 5 days. I didn’t completely jump ship but I would have a non-Paleo item each day, e.g., Hershey Bar, a sandwish, etc. Once I was back in the Box I was more disciplined with my eating. 

Have a great day.



The end of the day. It has a tough start but a fantastic ending

This morning I fell back asleep after the alarm sounded. I woke with a start. This put me in a bad mood for two reasons; o missed my workout and waking up suddenly typically irritates me. I was grumpy all day & tried very hard not to show it. Fortunately this is a 5:00 pm workout at Crossfit AMRAP. I needed this workout. Brittany, the coach, asked how I was doing? I told her I was grumpy & irritated & that I was counting on her to put me in a good mood. Brittany did great. The workout started with Strength training. We did 3×5, Power Cleans. The WOD was 3 rounds of 500m row, 21 ring dips, & 12 Power Cleans. My first 500m row was under 2:00 minutes. I used the blue band with my dips, and I did 30kg power cleans. My last 2 500m rows were under 2:15. I should have changed to a smaller band with the ring dips & I think I could do 40kg power cleans. The picture is from Beyond the Whiteboard and shows the WOD. It was a fantastic workout. I met some new people. I’m stronger each workout. So far I’ve lost 17lbs since 1/17. Tonite, E & I went to the sparky sleep-over at our church. We play games. E & I won the paper airplane toss. E had an ice cream sundae. I didn’t have any sweets. I stuck to my Paleo lifestyle. Saturday (tomorrow) is my cheat day. The last 4 hrs have made today a great day. Spending time with E without mom or his brother was a special treat. Nite all TB

Ive been a bad boy

I have not workout since Tuesday morning. The alarm is not working. I sleep right through it. Looks like I need to move my alarm clock. This has been a tough week all around. 

I feel guilty about not going to the box. The slug feeling has overwhelmed me which means I do not want to do anything other than watch Biggest Loser while eating a pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Fortunately, I was able to defeat the cravings I have had Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for sweets, e.g., ice cream and a Hershey’s bar. It is a good thing that we watch TV in the basement and the food is on the first floor. These cravings have been the strongest to date and by far the most difficult to not succumb. My self-talk was providing a list of reasons why I deserved and needed the sweets. I tried many different coping mechanisms. Finally, I just relaxed and talked to God which worked one night. The other night my wife provided the motivation to not cheat. Last night, I fell asleep in the middle of the craving. 

I have stayed true to eating Paleo. My weight loss has slowed down I think that is due to not working out. We will find out Saturday morning.

Tonight, E and I have the Sparky sleepover at church. It is a blast. I hope I stay strong mentally when it comes to eating because there are plenty of sweets and other items that are not Paleo. I am thinking I need to pack some Paleo-friendly food items for me to munch on. I hope the endrophins form my workout will give me the boost I need to stay strong. I am going to the box tonight (Friday) and hopefully it will whup me back into mental shape.

M and I are struggling with the question of should we move to Ft. Worth, Texas within the next year or so. We have laid down some deep roots in IL. We attend a wonderful church. Mollie has some wonderful friends that she meets with very often. I was meeting with my mentor until recently. I need to change that. We allowed life to get in the way. I found a Crossfit Box that I just joined. I am in Graduate School at TGS. Mollie’s brothers live in the area. Mollie’s parents live 10 minutes away. My parents died several years ago.

However, the reason we are considering the move is the drunk driver that killed my previous family threatened Mollie and I a few years. Plus, during a search of his prison cell the guards found our home address and telephone number. The drunk driver will be released from prison no later than 25 June 2011. 

I know it appears to be an easy questions to answer but it is not. The house Mollie and I live in was intended to be our forever house. Our friends and family live here in IL. 

I believe this is one of the reasons that I feel like a slug. 

Come on Crossfit AMRAP, I need you to kick the slug out of me tonight.

Have a wonderful day.



A slow week yet busy when I do not expect it

It has been a slow week but busy in spurts. Unfortunately, it has been busy at my meal times so I have been missing meals. I have not cheated and instead wait until I can have a Paleo snack. My will power is still strong. It is not a big deal to me. I acknowledge my hunger and mentally and emotionally accept that I will not be able to eat until a later time.

This morning I was starving so order an omelet with onions, green peppers, tomatoes, spinach and sausage from our cafeteria. No hash browns or bread. In fact, bread no longer has the pull on me that it had during the first couple days of the Paleo challenge.

Getting to Crossfit AMRAP to workout has been a challenge. I would not workout Monday morning because the schedule change to a later start time was not approved by management. This was my fault. I was not aware of the new procedures required in the Union contract. I was able to workout Tuesday Morning. The Tuesday morning workout included learning a new skill, “pistols” or one-legged squats. I had some success doing these with my right leg. I did have to scale this movement and use the rings to assist me. I was unable to complete this movement with my left leg. My left knee would buckle and I assume this is due to the torn medial meniscus I suffered a few years ago. 

The WOD on Tuesday was a tabata workout which means each completes AMRAP in 20 seconds for each exercise. Then we rest for 10 seconds and due to the next exercise. Today’s WOD included

  • Wall Balls w/14 lb ball
  • Kettlebell swings, 35lb
  • 13″ barrier jumps

I completed a total of 265 reps.

Wednesday not an option. Mollie had a Pampered Chef party at our house Tuesday evening. It ended around 10pm. The last person left at 11:30pm. I could not prepare my meals for today until after everyone else was finished in the kitchen. I went to sleep around 1:00am. I was not going to wake-up at 4:50am to go to the box for my workout. I am planning on working out tonight at the box. Hopefully my oldest son is feeling better tonight or dad duties trump my workout.

The weight loss this week has slowed down but not concerned about. That is to be expected after last week.

Have a great day.


My soon to be training partner for the 2011 Chicago Marathon

Download now or watch on posterous

p57.mov (57755 KB)

This is a video of my 5 month old Hungarian Vizsla, Gustav. He is the most active dog I’ve ever owned & that includes a Border Collie.

Gustav loves his Wooba. He has destroyed 3 so far.

I’m looking forward to running with him starting in May. May can’t arrive quick enough. Gustav hasn’t started obedience training and he is very irritating due to his energy levels. In fact, he may be the most irritating living being alive.

I didn’t do Crossfit this morning because I forgot to request a later shift from my supervisor. I have the approval so I start tomorrow.

I will do some Cardio, push-ups & squats tonight.

My eating as gone as planned except I didn’t eat lunch because I was very busy at work. At 2:15, I realized I had not ate my lunch. I decided to wait until dinner to eat.

Breakfast was a cup of blueberries & 2 hard-boiled eggs.

Have a great day.


My Cheat Day

My 1st cheat day. I did better than expected. I ate 2 pieces of a Quesadilla, a few crackers, & a brownie.

It helped that we watched the Bears game in the basement & the food was upstairs in the kitchen so I didn’t graze.

Back on Paleo tomorrow. Bright and early, 5:30am, I’ll be at Crossfit AMRAP working out doing the WOD, getting stronger, getting healthier.

Have a great week.